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Prostar Water Inc. is a family-owned & operated company with over 30 years of experience that installs and services industry-leading water filtration and treatment systems. All of our products are manufactured right here in the USA by Puronics®, a company with over 70 years of experience in providing water treatment to over one million Americans. The business is family-owned since 2005 and involved in many community events and fundraisers.

We offer a full range of American-made drinking water and whole-house water treatment systems, all of which use up-to-date advanced technology to ensure your family receives the highest quality water.


NASA Technology

Most Puronics® products that Prostar Water Inc. provides incorporate SilverShield® HYgene® to inhibit bacteria growth within the water treatment and filtration system. The technology behind this proprietary product was adapted from NASA’s silver ion technology developed to purify water for the astronauts aboard space shuttles.

Green Technology

We also offer the Puronics® line of whole-house water treatment and filtration systems that utilize green technology to produce great tasting, crystal clear water while reducing scale caused by hard water without the use of salt, potassium or chemicals. It requires no electricity or water usage to perform at maximum efficiency.

Why Use a Water Softener?

Hard water occurs when there is a significant amount of calcium and magnesium, which is highly prevalent throughout Texas. Hard water will eventually clog pipes and hot water tanks, and complicates soap and detergent dissolving in water A 2009 study found that some water heaters using hard water, failed after 1.6 years.

How Do Water Softeners Work?

Water softeners collect hard minerals within its conditioning tank, and from time to time, flushes them away to drain. Ion exchangers are often used for water softening, replacing the calcium and magnesium ions in the water with other ions, such as sodium or potassium.

Why Remove Chloramine?

Chloramine is a combination of ammonia and chlorine that is commonly used to disinfect municipal water supplies. It can be very corrosive to lead water lines and copper piping. Chloramine can have bad side effects on your skin, such as giving you rashes and dry skin.

Exposure to ammonia breaks down cell structural proteins, extracts water from the cells and initiates an inflammatory response, which further damages the surrounding tissues.

Benefits of Using a Water Softener

  • Clear, refreshing water
  • Eliminates bad tastes & odors
  • Water-using appliances last longer
  • Dishes are cleaner
  • Skin and hair are soft and silky
  • Food & beverages taste better
  • Save time on house cleaning
  • Save money on soap, detergents and grooming products

Save Time & Money

Appliances last longer, clothes and dishes are cleaner, food tastes better.

Financing Options Available


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